Advanced Auto Repair and Towing warrants to the original customer that its repair work is free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the day the vehicle is delivered or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first, with the following exceptions listed below. If a problem occurs with repairs, return the vehicle to Advanced Auto Repair and Towing and it will be corrected at no additional cost. 

Advanced Auto Repair and Towing will reimburse towing charges for up to $75.00 on related warranty repairs. 
This warranty shall not apply to any part that has been subject to accident, negligence, power modifications, overheating, alteration, abuse or misuse including damage resulting from failure of other non-replaced parts.
The warranty on engines shall not apply to damage resulting from foreign objects entering the engine via the intake manifold.

Advanced Auto Repair and Towing will not warranty, assume responsibility, or recognize claims for car rental, lodging, meals, inconvenience, telephone calls, commercial loss, time loss, or etc., while vehicle is out of use.
Advanced Auto Repair and Towing will not honor any warranty claims for repair or replacement of parts unless prior written authorization is obtained from the manager or service manager.

Mandatory warranty servicing on engine rebuilds, ring jobs and/or valve jobs must be completed at approximately five hundred miles by a qualified shop or the warranty is void. On all major engine repairs, the oil and filter must be changed, the timing and mixture must be checked and adjusted if necessary, fluid levels checked and topped off if necessary and engine inspected for leaks. If the engine has mechanical lifters, the valve clearances must also be checked and adjusted.

This warranty is limited to the original consumer, i.e., it is not transferable to subsequent owners of this vehicle.
Advanced Auto Repair and Towing is committed to complete customer satisfaction and is a member of the Better Business Bureau “Care” program. In the event of a unresolved dispute Advanced Auto Repair and Towing is willing to submit to binding arbitration offered by the Sacramento office of the Better Business Bureau for a quick and equitable solution.

No other oral written warranties are expressed or implied. No attempt to alter or modify or amend this warranty shall be effective unless authorized in writing by the manager or service manager of Advanced Auto Repair and Towing.


Advanced Auto Repair and Towing requires full payment for all repair work at the time of completion. No credit or payment schedules are available. Payment must be made by cash, MasterCard, Visa, ATM, or cashier’s check. All large repairs require a deposit.