Smog Programs:

We are now a STAR Certified Test and Repair Station.  As of November 8, 2012 we can inspect and repair STAR directed vehicles.

There are now four types of stations:

1.  Test  Only - These station can only test and certify vehicles but cannot test and certify directed or gross-polluting vehicle.

2.  Test  and  Repair - These stations can test, repair and certify vehicle but cannot test and certify directed or gross-polluting vehicles.

3.  STAR Test  Only - These stations can only test and certify vehicles including directed vehicles and gross-polluting vehicles.

4.  STAR Certified Test and Repair - These stations can test, repair and certify vehicles including directed vehicles and gross polluting vehicles.  These stations also provide repair assistance under the Consumer Assistance Program.  We are a STAR Test and Repair Station which simply means we can test and repair all vehicles (but we choose not to inspect or repair motor homes and heavy duty vehicles).

Advanced Automotive Repair & Towing has been a licensed Smog Check station since 1982.  We became a Gold Shield Station in 2001 which allowed us to repair and certify vehicles which had been tagged as a gross polluting vehicle and to repair and certify tampered vehicles.  In 2001, we also became a Consumer Assistance Program Station which allowed us to assist our customers in repairing their vehicle's smog inspection failures and bill the State of California up to $500 on authorized repairs.   

We can test and certify vehicles that were directed to "Test Only" stations.  We also do change of ownership, renewal, transfer and initial California registration. 

Click on this link to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, enter your vehicle's plate number or vehicle identification number and find out if your vehicle has been tagged to go to a "Test Only" center.

Star Certified Smog Check Test and Repair Station California Licensed Smog Check: Davis, CA
Gold Shield Certified Smog Station

Smog Check Information

  • We schedule smog inspections every 30 minutes, Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 11:00 and 12:00 to 4:30.
  • Most smog inspections take ~ 30 minutes to complete.
  • Schedule your appointment online or call 530-756-8100.
  • Our everyday low price is $56.70 for the labor plus $8.25 for the certificate.
  • Our labor rate for emission related repairs is $96 per hour.
  • There is an additional $20 service charge for most full size vans and Toyota Previas.
  • There is no additional charge for Dodge Caravans, Ford Windstars, Mazda MPVs, Mitsubishi vans, Nissan vans, Plymouth Voyagers or Toyota Sienna vans. 
  • If your vehicle fails a smog inspection at our shop, you are entitled to one free re-inspection.  You can do the repairs yourself, have someone else do them or we can do them, you still get one free re-inspection.  There is no time limit on the re-inspection.
  • As of 03/01/11, we will still test vehicles that are equipped with carburetors but we no longer do carburetor repairs.

Consumer Assistance Program Information

If your vehicle has failed the inspection, and you are income eligible, you most likely qualify for up to $500 worth of assistance.  Applications are available in our office and online at Completed applications can be mailed to:

Bureau of Automotive Repair
Consumer Assistance Program
10240 Systems Parkway
Sacramento, CA  95827 

It usually takes 2 weeks to receive your blue authorization letter via mail. As of October 14th, 2011 same day application processing has been discontinued. If you have further questions, they can be contacted at 866-272-9642. 

Smog Laws

The smog laws are continually changing.

Since May 1, 1998, all inspection stations in the enhanced areas must use equipment that includes a dynamometer when doing a smog inspection.  This equipment is very expense to purchase and maintain. 

Some highlights:

  1. Change of ownership or initial California registration vehicles must be repaired before a certificate can be issued with NO COST LIMIT.
  2. Cost limits for a repair waiver apply only after the vehicle is brought below the gross polluting standards.
  3. Previously tagged gross polluting vehicles which have been repaired can ONLY be certified at a TEST-ONLY or GOLD SHIELD station.